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The Longing to Belong

In an effort to consider the Longing to Belong please consider the following . . . 

What do we actually long for?  Is our every desire based upon one primal longing - that of experiencing a complete alignment of our soul with the Beloved?  I can recall numerous acquisitions in the Life from a simple purchase of an ice cream dish to a car or home.  The feeling of being satisfied lasts longer or shorter depending upon the impact of fulfilling the desire, but sooner or later, the next meal, the newer vehicle or the latest emerging relationship often leads us to a belief that this is the one which will at last allow me to feel complete.

It is, however, the developing relationship of our consciousness with our soul and of our soul with the Divine that proves to be the ultimate fulfillment of the empty feeling in our lives.  Of course we will continually feel hungry, eat, digest, and release the spent experience as long as we have a body.  But the really deep longings we experience, the ones which go very deep, define the ultimate polarity of the human life experience - that of recognizing that the Cosmos and the One behind all creative expression is our Lover, our security, our sustenance in the most real sense.

The Yogini knows that the practice is what feeds the Longing to Belong and as deeply as she goes into Shuniya, the Zero Point, and sips the nectar of shakti and bhakti, the more momentum is gathered to feel completion as she moves through the adventure of her soul riding through Life in the vehicle of her body.  And, just as the body needs to be fed regularly and well, so does the spirit need the centering of Shuniya on a daily basis so that the journey of Life can be smooth, elevated, and worthy of offering as a gift to the Beloved of us all.

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Siri Bahadur began teaching Kundalini Yoga in the 1970s when he was in residence at the Dallas Kundalini Yoga ashram. He is a graduate of the first Kundalini Yoga Masters Touch teacher training program and has been teaching at Yoga Yoga since its inception. He brings music to his classes with his original guitar compositions and through the sound of the gong. He believes that yoga allows students to define and redefine themselves as they travel their life path of realizing and fulfilling their destiny.