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Releasing Fear of the Future

Fear of the Future

Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody ants to die. Whether or not it is necessary to physically die before being liberated is another matter.  For the yogi(ni) the process of dying in any respect is not a foreign consideration since it is integral to being reborn. The subject at hand however is the future and how to drop fear of it.

Most of us avoid change. Old ways are comfortable, even if they no longer work for us. It is exactly the burden of the old ways that prevent us from embracing a new and expanded Now so that we can create a clearer, less cluttered future.  Qualifying each action of the present to insure it reflects our virtues and values insures that we have one less action to atone for later (in the future). But it is the weight and familiarity of past experiences that keep us in the patterns of repeating those mistakes and prevent us from taking bold strides into a future full of new and creative possibilities.

When we allow our practice to release the weight of past experience we find room and energy to to investigate ways of living from our heart. We must deal with the issues of the heart in order to be truly human and we must become free from the psychic weight of the past to have the bandwidth to access the heart and project it's Presence into our lives.

Using the meditation to Release Fear of the Future, we can use the grace of Guru Ram Das, whose signature of energy is the Wisdom of Serving the Divine, to make available to us the access to our Cup of Prayer.  Access to that space of service and neutrality will bring us to a cozy place where we can release our fears and discomfort of past mistakes and open to a bright new future, full of possibility, vitality, service and success.

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Siri Bahadur began teaching Kundalini Yoga in the 1970s when he was in residence at the Dallas Kundalini Yoga ashram. He is a graduate of the first Kundalini Yoga Masters Touch teacher training program and has been teaching at Yoga Yoga since its inception. He brings music to his classes with his original guitar compositions and through the sound of the gong. He believes that yoga allows students to define and redefine themselves as they travel their life path of realizing and fulfilling their destiny.