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Healing Into Wholeness

Healing into Wholeness
The yogi(ni) has the opportunity to extend healing into each and any moment of the Life. The act of intending Wholeness is not reserved for clinics and spas, but is available whenever a need to shift perception is noted.

Shifting perception is a gift to the yogi and the yogini available anytime awareness is engaged. The act of shifting and healing seems to affect the one observed but actually adjusts the observer more deeply. One of the Sutras for the Aquarian Age by Yogi Bhajan states, Know that the other person is you. What we recognize in others are those qualities which register as part of ourselves if we look deeply enough.

Consider the ramifications of: "See the faults in others and choose to un-see them."
What we provide for ourselves is not only the freedom of the other person to be un-judged and therefore able to be a pure being to whom we open the ray of our Love, but also the possibility of considering the fault we un-saw being allowed recognition, understanding and resolution ourselves.

Healing is not a one-way street. As we heal others we also become open to healing ourselves.

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About Siri Bahadur

Siri Bahadur began teaching Kundalini Yoga in the 1970s when he was in residence at the Dallas Kundalini Yoga ashram. He is a graduate of the first Kundalini Yoga Masters Touch teacher training program and has been teaching at Yoga Yoga since its inception. He brings music to his classes with his original guitar compositions and through the sound of the gong. He believes that yoga allows students to define and redefine themselves as they travel their life path of realizing and fulfilling their destiny.