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Releasing Fear of the Future

Fear of the Future

Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody ants to die. Whether or not it is necessary to physically die before being liberated is another matter.  For the yogi(ni) the process of dying in any respect is not a foreign consideration since it is integral to being reborn. The subject at hand however is the future and how to drop fear of it.

Most of us avoid change. Old ways are comfortable, even if they no longer work for us. It is exactly the burden of the old ways that prevent us from embracing a new and expanded Now so that we can create a clearer, less cluttered future.  Qualifying each action of the present to insure it reflects our virtues and values insures that we have one less action to atone for later (in the future). But it is the weight and familiarity of past experiences that keep us in the patterns of repeating those mistakes and prevent us from taking bold strides into a future full of new and creative possibilities.

When we allow our practice to release the weight of past experience we find room and energy to to investigate ways of living from our heart. We must deal with the issues of the heart in order to be truly human and we must become free from the psychic weight of the past to have the bandwidth to access the heart and project it's Presence into our lives.

Using the meditation to Release Fear of the Future, we can use the grace of Guru Ram Das, whose signature of energy is the Wisdom of Serving the Divine, to make available to us the access to our Cup of Prayer.  Access to that space of service and neutrality will bring us to a cozy place where we can release our fears and discomfort of past mistakes and open to a bright new future, full of possibility, vitality, service and success.

Healing Into Wholeness

Healing into Wholeness
The yogi(ni) has the opportunity to extend healing into each and any moment of the Life. The act of intending Wholeness is not reserved for clinics and spas, but is available whenever a need to shift perception is noted.

Shifting perception is a gift to the yogi and the yogini available anytime awareness is engaged. The act of shifting and healing seems to affect the one observed but actually adjusts the observer more deeply. One of the Sutras for the Aquarian Age by Yogi Bhajan states, Know that the other person is you. What we recognize in others are those qualities which register as part of ourselves if we look deeply enough.

Consider the ramifications of: "See the faults in others and choose to un-see them."
What we provide for ourselves is not only the freedom of the other person to be un-judged and therefore able to be a pure being to whom we open the ray of our Love, but also the possibility of considering the fault we un-saw being allowed recognition, understanding and resolution ourselves.

Healing is not a one-way street. As we heal others we also become open to healing ourselves.

The Longing to Belong

In an effort to consider the Longing to Belong please consider the following . . . 

What do we actually long for?  Is our every desire based upon one primal longing - that of experiencing a complete alignment of our soul with the Beloved?  I can recall numerous acquisitions in the Life from a simple purchase of an ice cream dish to a car or home.  The feeling of being satisfied lasts longer or shorter depending upon the impact of fulfilling the desire, but sooner or later, the next meal, the newer vehicle or the latest emerging relationship often leads us to a belief that this is the one which will at last allow me to feel complete.

It is, however, the developing relationship of our consciousness with our soul and of our soul with the Divine that proves to be the ultimate fulfillment of the empty feeling in our lives.  Of course we will continually feel hungry, eat, digest, and release the spent experience as long as we have a body.  But the really deep longings we experience, the ones which go very deep, define the ultimate polarity of the human life experience - that of recognizing that the Cosmos and the One behind all creative expression is our Lover, our security, our sustenance in the most real sense.

The Yogini knows that the practice is what feeds the Longing to Belong and as deeply as she goes into Shuniya, the Zero Point, and sips the nectar of shakti and bhakti, the more momentum is gathered to feel completion as she moves through the adventure of her soul riding through Life in the vehicle of her body.  And, just as the body needs to be fed regularly and well, so does the spirit need the centering of Shuniya on a daily basis so that the journey of Life can be smooth, elevated, and worthy of offering as a gift to the Beloved of us all.

Blind Spots

Blind Spots

We are warned from many quarters about blind spots and we are typically keyed into the caution concerning them with respect to our automobiles.  Consumer Reports advises us to inspect and drive prospective vehicles before our purchase to insure that our vision is unobstructed and that we can move safely as we drive with the maximum vector of vision when me move at any speed faster than a walk.  It is fairly safe to assume that we have encountered some degree of blind spots in our cars and we have either suffered from mishaps or at least close calls as a result.  The consequences range from being unpleasantly startling to downright disastrous.

In our cars blind spots are created by the supporting structure of the vehicle which inhibit the optimum 360 degrees of visibility we desire for maximum protection and the widest range of response opportunities available to us as we navigate our route to the destination.  The route we travel through life is no different in that we need maximum vision (intuition) and the most choices at our disposal in terms of opportunity. Within our minds and patterns of behavior coded into our psyche our blind spots manifest in terms of biases and reactions caused by our attempts to navigate merely by means of the ego and the automatic behaviors that sufficed when we were under pressure in the past, but are hardly up to the task of delivering our highest aspirations into the life today.

Biases, prejudice, grudges, anger, and fear are just a few of the blind spots from which we suffer that cause accidents in life that will lead us to miss opportunities, lose friends and relationships, as well as find us in misery instead of at our desired destination.  The path of the yogi is to clear the clutter of emotions and pre-conceptions of restricted vision so that our clarity will yield a clear path to self respect, gratitude to the Divine for the gift of Life, and prosperity, health, and happiness, which are the birthright of the human being.

A simple tool to use to release blind spots is a set to Conquer One's Imagined Disabilities.  This kriya can be found on page 40 of the Kundalini Yoga manual titled "Self Knowledge".  There are, of course many other sets which you can use to release resistance in your body, mind, and subtle bodies which cause limited perception and the blind spots with which we live.  Just pick your kriya or meditation, set your intention, and expand the visibility to a wider horizon.

Sat Nam.

Planning for the Holidays

Yes, the holidays are upon us and we either make our way to spend time with family or prepare for them to visit us. Either way, many of us find this a time of challenge and even view the opportunity to be with those with whom we grew up to be a threat to our enjoyment of this time of year.

The use of your practice is an excellent way to prepare for rationally managing your familial relationships. It is all well and good to engage in yoga and meditation without setting an intention, but why leave out the important ingredient of directing all of that powerful energy to enhance our relationships? Framing your intention is important and investigating the dynamics of Life and how we deal with others is a good place to begin.

Nothing is all good or all bad:

In fact, nothing is good or bad, but it takes on one of those qualities by virtue of our thinking of things in that light. Any time that we delve into the realm of matter we engage in duality because we leave the state of merger with All that Is. Everything has a polarity: heads/tails; good/bad; light/darkness; love/hate – to name a few. In our state of Yoga, we allow both qualities their space and resolve the difference by allowing the entire spectrum of experience to be. Our quality of experience then becomes one of either being centered and Still and appreciating polarities, or diving down into definition and judgement and dividing Life into Good and Bad.

We give power over our state of being to others:

Before we learned how Life works we were at the mercy of our teachers/care-givers to guide us in the right direction to lead a powerful and happy life. Unfortunately, our care-givers’ idea of a happy life for us turned out to be what made them happy or their lives easier without much regard to the young life stream given to their charge. Hopefully we have learned that our power to Be in the Life comes from That which is within us. Our expansion across all of the potential frequencies that make up our existence is gained by the journey into our inner realm and claiming our own power and deciding our own terms of fulfillment.

One of the beautiful discoveries on the path of the Yogi and Yogini is that we determine how we Will ourselves into responsiveness. We take the ability to respond as our birthright and reject the necessity to react as our only option in resolving to the experiences of the Life.

In the place of Stillness comes the ability to qualify our response-ability:

If you have gone deeply into Shivasana or meditation, you have discovered, perhaps, that there is a place of Stillness within which becomes deeper as we allow all of life to be without judgement or definition. The temperature of the environment, its sounds, its fragrance, texture and voice are all factors which we can appreciate if we blend them into the tapestry of the moment and with our breath and intention include them as integral facets of the moment. It is the same technique we can use to enjoy all of the human relationships we invite into our Space.

The experience of the moment is not Me, it is here for me to enjoy:

We are not our roles, perceptions, feelings or thoughts. We are only responsible how we identify and act upon those facets of our life experience. Because of condition of a past relationship has caused us discomfort or given us reason to doubt our response-ability to be happy, doesn’t mean it is the ironclad Truth. The fact of the matter is that, given some space (the Zero space of Shuniya) and the confidence of experience, we can chose to react or respond to anything or anyone one however we choose. The response to, “I would have thought you would be married with children by now, dear.” could just as easily be, “How nice of you to be thinking of me!” as the stock answer of “Mother, we have discussed this a thousand times!” It’s all a matter of refusing to take offense, sidestepping the typical traps of egocentric patterns, and being free and creative in our responses.

A strong magnetic field and open heart center are keys to preparing for the Holidays.

A charged magnetic field will not only create a buffer for you as you move through environments and engage in social activities. It will also lend an elevated space to every place you enter. The aura is known as the Platform of Elevation for good reason. All who come into your space, your presence, can sense your field of energy. If it is a high frequency energy, they will be uplifted.

A clear and active Heart Center can take the energy reflected by your virtues, values and goodwill and populate your magnetic field with the vibrations associated with those qualities. So not only are you protecting yourself by tuning those two energy centers, but you are also allowing all who experience your presence to benefit from your alignment as well.

There are several ways to facilitate the tuning and clearing the aura and heart spaces which you can find in Kundalini Yoga manuals, discover in various class sessions, or find elsewhere on this website. They include:

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